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Few medical-malpractice plaintiffs? lawyers have the breadth of experience that Caroline Gilchrist brings to a potential case.

Not only have medical malpractice cases constituted the bulk of her practice since she joined forces with Rex Baker in 1999, for 12 previous years she worked as an attorney on the other side of the med mal legal divide, working in a downtown Indianapolis firm that defended doctors and health-care providers being sued.

?I?ve seen both sides of the fence,? she says. ?I think that gives me a more unique perspective than attorneys who have only done plaintiffs? work.?
In the mid-1990s, Caroline began thinking that she wanted to work closer to home in the western suburbs of Indianapolis because she had two small boys with whom she wanted to spend more time. Baker, who was practicing in another Indianapolis firm, was in a similar frame of mind?wanting to be closer to his family in the western suburbs. They met to talk?and the law firm of Baker & Gilchrist was formed.

?Our goal was to create a boutique practice and not a volume practice,? Caroline says. ?We didn?t want to take every case that comes in the door.?

  • Law Office Affiliations American Inns of Court - Charter Member Christian Legal Society - Member Indiana Trial Lawyers Association - Board of Directors
  • Practice Area Avon
  • Medical Malpractice
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Super Lawyer 2009-2016
Super Lawyer 2009-2016

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