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Conal Doyle is an award winning trial lawyer who has received national recognition for his courtroom victories that have had broad reaching impact on society. He is one of the few attorneys in history to argue before the United States Supreme Court and obtain multiple seven and eight figure jury verdicts.
His international human rights victory in Castaneda v. United States was a catalyst for the reform of the United States immigration healthcare system, and garnered widespread acclaim from his peers, legal publications and the international media.

For example, he received the 2012 California Lawyer of the Year (CLAY) Award in Human Rights, and the 2011 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). He has been listed in both Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers for the past four years, and his courtroom victories have been chronicled in newspapers around the world, including a piece on the CBS news magazine ?60 Minutes.?

Conal?s reputation as one of the finest trial attorneys in America was further cemented with two stunning back-to-back verdicts in Kern County, California, one of California?s most ?conservative? jurisdictions.

In December 2013, Conal obtained as lead trial counsel a $26.8 million medical malpractice jury verdict in McKnight v. Spain. This result was the largest medical malpractice verdict in County history and was recognized by The Daily Journal as a Top 10 Verdict in California for 2013. The National Law Journal recognized the verdict as a Top 100 Verdict nationally and the Consumer Attorneys Association of California (CAOC) named him a Finalist for the 2014 Consumer Attorney of the Year Award. The highest pre-trial offer by the defense was $300,000.
In March 2014, Conal obtained as lead trial counsel a $3.8 million jury verdict in Didone v. Jack In The Box. In this premises liability case, the highest pre-trial offer was $200,000.
The foundation of this success is a passion for justice and a commitment to client service. Conal was born without his right leg, and like many of his clients, has overcome great obstacles and endured daily struggles. These experiences provide him a unique insight into his clients? challenges, and help him guide his clients through difficult times.

Conal is well known as an advocate for amputees in injury and bad faith insurance claims. His article, ?Glimpsing the Future for an Amputee,? is used as a guide for litigating limb loss cases by attorneys across the country.

Conal has never backed down from a challenge or started a fight that he couldn?t finish. When he isn?t challenging corporate giants in the courtroom, Conal enjoys extreme skiing, a remnant from his past as an alpine ski racer.

  • Practice Area Beverly Hills
  • Medical Malpractice
Awards & Certificates
Best Lawyer 2014
Best Lawyer 2014
2014 Finalist-Consumer Attorney of the Year-Consumer Attorneys Association of California (CAOC)

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