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Jennifer L. Keel has more than 10 years of experience in her field. She is admitted to practice in Maryland, Minnesota (inactive), the District of Columbia, California, Colorado, and has handled cases across the country.
Jennifer has a unique and varied medical background not typical of medical negligence lawyers. In addition to her undergraduate education in biology and biochemistry, Jennifer also completed the rigorous didactic and clinical education program for New York State?s highest level of prehospital care providers, and became a paramedic in 1995. She worked as a full-time paramedic for six years in the city of Rochester, New York, during which time she treated thousands of patients in need of emergent medical and surgical intervention in the prehospital setting. Jennifer also spent two years as a Tissue Procurement Specialist and Procurement Team Leader for the Rochester Eye and Human Parts Bank, where she performed sterile, surgical tissue procurement procedures on tissue donors to recover transplantable joints and tissues for recipients across the country.

During her undergraduate education, Jennifer also worked in the operating room as an anesthesia technician and scrub-assist technician, has worked with Alzheimer?s patients in a secured nursing facility, and has experience in various areas of veterinary medicine and surgery, all of which contributes to her understanding of broad medical and physiological concepts. Jennifer?s background and specialized medical training and experience makes her uniquely well-suited to medical negligence litigation, which is the exclusive focus in her practice. Her cumulative experiences in patient care provide a distinct advantage to her clients, as a result of her broad base of knowledge of medicine and medical and surgical standards and techniques as a context within which to analyze and prosecute cases. It is in this area that concentrates her practice, handling complex medical malpractice cases involving birth trauma, kernicterus, cerebral palsy and other brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and many other medical and surgical errors that have resulted in catastrophic injuries and/or death.

Jennifer has taught a course in medical malpractice litigation with the Sturm College of Law in Denver since 2011, and has published articles on various topics in medical negligence, and has lectured in various continuing legal education programs across the country.

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