Top Medical Malpractice Questions

Top Medical Malpractice Questions Answered by Paul Simonson.

We pride ourselves on taking only those cases that we believe have significant value. Often, they may yield six or seven figure results, though prior results are not a guarantee of what you may obtain for your case. At the initial stage, it is impossible to give you a realistic estimate because your medical condition is subject to change, and we do not yet know all the strengths and potential weakness in your case. However, we are eager for you to consult with us often during the case, and we will discuss your cases’ value when the right time comes. We promise to do everything in our power to obtain the highest possible recovery for your injuries.

Beware of lawyers who in order to induce you to retain them, promise you the sky, or more specifically, millions of dollars. All too often, you are left with an empty feeling at the end of your case when the amount recovered is way below what was promised in the beginning.

Top Medical Malpractice Questions 

  • Is there a consultation fee?

We have a no fee guarantee which begins at the time of the first consultation.  You do not pay any up-front fee to speak with us about your case. In fact, because we work on a contingent fee basis only, there is absolutely no fee unless we obtain money for you at the end of the case. No matter how much time and effort we put into your case-and we will put in a lot-there is no fee unless we obtain a settlement or collect on a judgment. We are proud to be able to say that 98% of our clients have received money for their injuries.

Both in New York and New Jersey the fee is set by law. The standard percentage is 33 1/3% in NY perso
nal injury cases. For New York malpractice cases, and New Jersey malpractice and personal injury cases, there is a sliding scale that is set by law.

  • Do I have to pay expenses up front?

No, the expenses, or disbursements as they are often called, are paid by the attorneys as the case goes along.

  • Do I have to pay expenses at the end of the case?

At the conclusion the case, only in the event that money is recovered,  the attorney will be reimbursed for a percentage of the money he has laid out in advance for disbursements. If there is no recovery, you will not have to pay any expenses. The no fee guarantee means that when you retain our firm, there is no financial risk to you.

The expenses that we lay out are those that we feel are necessary to pursue your case to the fullest. Please be assured that what we spend is what is reasonable and necessary in order for us to properly prepare and prosecute your case. We will account for all expenditures to you at the end of the case with a detailed listing of the all that we have spent in bringing your case to a successful outcome…

  • How long will the my case take?

We will move your case forward as quickly as we possibly can. Our goal is to get your case ready for trial quickly, but without skimping on what is necessary to best present your case before a jury. Some things are out of our control, however. Once we tell the court that your case is ready for trial, we have to wait our turn to be called in for trial. Don’t worry-we will let you know where things stand all along the way.

  • Who will be handling my case?

A senior partner will be assigned to your case, has the overall responsibility for making sure that things are done to the best of our ability. We work as a team, discussing on a regular basis the important issues in your case.

  • Have you handled this type of case before?

We feel very strongly that we owe it to you to handle only those types of cases where we have a high degree of expertise. The senior partners have almost 120 years of experience amongst themselves, and the newer partners bring additional decades of experience. We will never say we have seen it all, but we have seen most everything that might pop up.

  • Who will pay my medical bills?

In many instances medical bills are paid through various forms of insurance coverage such as No Fault (in auto cases), Workers Compensation (when the accident is job related) and your personal health insurance (when injuries occur in premises). Rest assured that we will energetically assist you in getting your medical bills paid through insurance when possible. When you put yourself in our hands, we will work with you and for you to make the process move as smoothly as possible.

  • What is expected of me?

It is very helpful for you to do the following:

I. Do not talk to anyone about your accident or malpractice or your injuries except for one of the lawyers or investigators in our office. You may talk to your doctor(s) about your complaints;

II. Keep a written record of all days lost from work due to your injuries;

III. Obtain copies of all medical, hospital and drug bills;

IV. Keep track of your out-of-pocket expenses

V.  Send us any relevant photographs pertaining to your case. This includes your injuries, damaged vehicle or accident site location;

VI.  Gather your W-2, 1099 and tax returns for us;

VII. If you change your address, phone number, or e-mail, notify us immediately.

Call if you have a question – we’re never too busy to speak to you.

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